a poem by James Louis A

I know not what to say
Of nature and its way
In this little village
Of a long gone by age.

Of words it has robbed me,
By which you might but see
Partly, its beauty fresh
Which my words can’t express.

From this hill as I look
At the nearby long brook
And the far off green hills
My small heart with joy fills.

Below a green carpet
With red roofs sparsely set
In this place, proudly shows
How nature and man goes.

After winding its way
Through the green fields so gay,
The long, slender but lone
Road reaches lands unknown.

The melodious notes
Of peace, from temple floats
Mingles with church bell’s toll
Each knoll, relieving soul.

Prayers rise from the mosque,
Reminding me of dusk
Gloriously approaching
Amidst the sun’s setting.

Sad, I go down to sup
And with a sigh, look up.
And behold, what a sight!
Nature is ever bright!!