a poem by Christuraj Alex

Liquid graces of nature so splendidly pooled,
Like the poles, few facets hot few chilly ice-cooled;
Countless marvels, like mountains of pearls, heaped within,
Fullness, like streams, falling from underworld-god Gwyn;
Vast, wide, wild, Kaleidoscope of colors glowing,
Deep down, like Amazon, curly rivers flowing…

Fish, frogs, snakes, whales, like unique stars swimming wondrous,
Corals, Kelps, whips, like sun-rays shining splendorous;
Gold, silver, diamonds… like rocks, lying lifeless,
Fleet-wrecked; quakes-hit; hidden lost treasures so countless;
Enriching each little water drop, top to down,
Urging to dive, search, find as much as one could crown…

Waters from mountains and hills flawlessly flowing,
Filling deepest of the depths, like whirlpool-blowing;
What hidden dams within, that reserve them safe!
What monstrous sponges that absorb each water waif!
Ocean cares all as a mother her babe caring,
Midst each one within spiritual care sharing…

Beauty, marvelous, like heaven, ever booming,
Vastness, like the crust of the universe, zooming;
Waves, like hearts restless, severe, ceaselessly breaking,
Caves within, by haunting quakes, stringently shaking;
Sweat, tears, rolls, ripples… all as though divinity,
Isn’t each ocean a sign of eternity?