Nature’s Conversation

a poem by Mary Mathew

Solitude is speaking silently from the depths
Of the nature’s bounteous treasures.

The green grass is engaging in a conversation
With the morning dew that has glistened it.
The azure sky is showing its reflection
On the mesmerised sea leaving it speechless.
The misty fog that envelopes the majestic
Mountains wholly are lost for words by its vastness.

The ducklings that float on the pond nearby
Are sighing without a sound for the beauty
Of the swans that bow their heads in shyness.
The butterfly is actively sucking nectar when
Its predators seek it and its wings then blends
In the tree trunks and in silence it camouflages.

The quiet deserts are calming the spirits
When an oasis lies before in all friendliness
Inviting one to take a drink and making one alive.
In that moment one heaves a sigh of relief
As raging rapids fall from the waterfall hushing
The spectators’ hearts with each resounding drop
Of water, a language of its own with its own words.

In the chirping of birds, in the rustling of leaves,
In the trickling of streams, in each bolt of lightening
The earth’s beauty abounds by striking chords
In each one’s life with contentment filling sounds
Speaking endlessly in solitude for every one to hear.