a poem by Rajah Iyer S

The morning Sun is on the rise
The dews on the Lotus dropping a bit
Particles of water on its Leaves
Oscillating spheres here and thither,
Indicating our unsteady lives!

Lotus the Flower opens its Mouth
A scene that’s to be Videoed to watch
The Symphony of the Cuckoos’ welcome the morn
The Crows in rows waking us all!

Daisys draped in yellow so bright
Focussing its eyes on the core of the Star
Following its footsteps from Dawn to Dusk
Left me in all sorts of wonderstruck!

The Mountains Blue with falls so cool
Herbs that smell healing your health
Packed amidst Trees tall and Teak
Dipped myself in that Coolest Pool!

Splendid the Water under the Sky
Singing the Song of Divinity in Lord
I felt in the bubbles the aroma of the Herbs
Freshening my remote laziest veins!

Strolling that path of rocks so sharp
Led me to the valley of beautiful Green
The ponies in their innocent nakedness
Filling their free sumptuous meals!

Brisk as they are the Plantation lasses
The Aroma of Coffee amazed me true
Butterflies with their nectars in store
From flowers of Primroses and Sweet Williams too!

Did I forget my timing for the train
Never mind I said cancelling the trip
Stayed on for another day so sweet
The Nature of this Blue mountain Range!

The Roses and ferns by that Cathedral so great
Naturally lining up a fence that is so Cute
Never ever I saw a bit of any dust
Keeping your Health always at best!

Lake is one place you love to Stroll
View of the Blue sky tearing that Green
Imagined I did to the Scottish Scene
Novels only not I have seen!

Boating at leisure in aimless idleness
Peeping at the people under those curves
Smiling at you in their Coolest of nerves
Oh! What a relief you get away from your works!

The luncheon sleep is a thing I love
Hearing those song sparrows humming in happiness
My Garden of Orchids winding my slumber
I took off to Heavens to thank that Lord!

After Tea jogging is good for ones’ soul
Langurs on Trees laughing at my laziness
Beating the dusk I hastened to the Sanctuary
Of Herds of Elephants, Bisons hiding my way!

I saw one Tusker welcoming me on road
Thrilled was I amidst northern red Oaks
Till my guide cautioned me in trouble
Hid my face till the Goliath was gone!

Forest lands are a maze under the stars
Moon on the up dropping her Grace
Owls on prowls chilling your hearts
Bears and boars not too far I know!

Spotted herds of Deer twinkling in the moon
Closing all roads leading my way
The Old Guest House of English Sway
Let me dwell here for ever to stay!

Taking my dreams into territory unknown
I dreamt of Flamingos in Nakuru lake
Why not a few Daffodils to fit
Penguins I saw on the Argentinian tip!

Caught amidst the Anacondas of Amazon to size
Beaches and Maples, Berrys in red
Redwoods a bit and Toucons to dazzle
Lived on leaves to add thrill already on hand!

Flew over grasslands of Gloucester fields
Apple Trees too Oranges so grand
Edelweiss greeted me in musical notes
Saw some Spanish spoonbills,
on a Cork Oak tree!

Welcomed me smiling into Danube Country
Were the Castles in the air of Dutchland Grandeur
Vineyards of the Vienna’s border to Czech
Excited me to Heavens ever unknown!

Surprised me was a cute little Snow Leopard
On rounding my trip on the Himalayan Snow
Ganges the beauty so fresh and Cool
Removed my sins all in store,
Letting me to add a Million more!

Woken up I was in dismayed delight
How much is there to enjoy in nature
Single life is not enough to digest these gifts
Determined I was to stay for ever
In that God only knows country side Hill!