Moments Forever

a poem by Madhavi S J

When a flower blooms,
when a wave breaks,
when the morn comes,
when the winds blow,
when a bird sings,
when on steep mountaintops
you see the silver snow,
when in the depths of the oceans
you see glorious life,
when in the middle of the night
you see a beautiful dream,
and running through the woods
you see a little stream,
when in the morn on the blades of grass
you see the gem like dewdrops
glittering in the mist,
when you see a rainbow
vivid against the blue skies,
bringing joy and cheer
to a gloomy monsoon day;
you stand and pause
to capture the moment,
precious, by what you see;
a treasure that will be cherished forever,
an image of that vision in that second,
a thousand words captured in that moment,
an evergreen memory that’s always alive,
a value in life that you have experienced,
a golden feeling given to you by nature,
an inexplicable joy that you had found,
and resolved to remember for eternity.
Then you pause and you realise
the force of nature.
Minute beauties put together,
sequential events that occur,
must be there for a reason,
and that’s why you had that precious moment.
And you bow down to the almighty creator,
on your lips a silent word of thanks,
in your heart an unsaid gratitude,
and in your mind a memory forever.