On Mothers’ Day

a poem by Purushothaman P V

Oh my mother your children fights for your crown
They are blind when the crown shines brighter
They fight each other when they’re blind
They try to gouge out each of their eyes in vengeance
They fight for their own mother’s crown
Mother looks helplessly at her children
She wanted to bequeath her crown to her children
But alas she got only one crown but many children
To whom should she hand over the crown and put him on the throne?
Mother got this dilemma and children started wrangling
None of her children thought it looks much better on their mother’s head
As it decorates their loveable mother

One day thereon mother said to her wrangling children
Do away with this crown and threw it in a turbulent sea
In the midst of the preying eyes of their children
The sea swallowed it at one stroke
They started cursing their mother in one voice
Mother is happy as they forgot their fighting for a while

Mother said

I have more precious thing to give you than the crown
It is invaluable than anything in the world
If you invest it more your returns will be more
It is more powerful and never fades
I can share it to all of you my children

What’s it? What’s it? Children asked in one voice

Mother said

It is flowing in your body invisibly
It is there in all your body in your veins and in your blood
That’s my love to you my children
The purity of which you cannot measure
I share with you my love and you share your love with me and every one

It has gone to the deaf ears
Her children said in one voice
Do away with what you got
Keep it with you and we don’t want it
And all of them jumped into the deep sea
In search of the mortally precious crown
None of her children returned back with the crown
All of them drowned in the sea with their greed
They forgot the invaluable possession
The mother’s immortal love
That’s the precious thing than anything else in the world
She is waiting for you
She want to breast feed you
And tell you in your ears the mantra of love
Nothing else but mother’s love
Long live mother’s Love