First Born (The Mother Born)

a poem by Remadevi G

The first child born, made me
The most responsible being
All other priorities vanished
Forgot my interests, not even realised
But taught what I meant to parents
Transmission of love in relations…

I smiled with his smile, laughed
When he laughed, wept on his tears
He made my moments fast
Time set rolling for his needs
Lived life through his raise
Found myself so self less
Love without expectations
Opening mind without reserve…

To rear him up turned studious
Learned nutrition, health care
To bring him up rightly conscious
He taught me lessons of tolerance
Heightened the level of patience
Spent nights sleepless for caring
I want him look always cheering
Joyous, healthy, naughty and alert
When he started to identify,
Respond to my expressions
Thrilled, amazed in delight!
Expectation alters to resolution…

To raise him as a good human
Right attitude, pure thoughts
Fraternity with co-human beings
Helping a hand to who in need
Make foots firm in self reliance
Turn his intellect in right directions
Understand the pulses of the planet
Like all other mothers I feel and wish
My son, my most bestowed treasure
Let he be the gift to human kind ever…