Stock Market

a poem by Deepak Sarkar

The bell rings each morning-
Except on weekends or holidays!
Signaling the opening of the market-
In the heart of most crowded cities.

Traders rush in to make their bids (day)-
As millions of shares change invisible hands!
Making it a bull market or bear market-
Just like the happiness and sorrow of life!

The market grows on good ROI (return on investment)-
And shrinks when workers salaries go high!
The market hates full employment-
Fearing inflation may rise!
And it loves underemployment-
When workers work for less with a smile!

Politicians always worry about the market-
With economy and election in their mind!
They are always there to guard it from all evils-
Like a mother of a newborn child!

Human brain needs a steady pure blood supply-
Even a computer requires a stable power supply!
But, the present and future of democratic free market people-
Depend only on uncertain, volatile and ambiguous stock market!!