Our God, Only Money

a poem by Raina Satpal Kaur

We are new age people,
We preach one only, we teach one only,
To love our GOD, Mr. Money, Mr. Money.

When its some job, you don’t wanna hop,
Just pray Mr. Money, He grants you any.
When it’s your love, you broke from her,
Works roses by Mr. Money, saying, “Just for my honey”.

When you want some work done, and never sure of it,
Just use Mr. Money, and flatter a bit.
Without any appointment, if you want admission,
Just show Mr. Money, and say, “Sorry for interpretation”.

Ho! Mr. Money, Hail! Mr. Money,
You are our GOD O Mr. Money.
Don’t leave me, let leave my honey,
I LOVE YOU, Mr Money, be it dark or sunny.