a poem by Pooja Amin

Time is money. That’s what they say,
Did you ever wonder how many things money can take away?

Your friendship is lost, your family is too,
You sold away your one and only loving crew.

Expensive cars you drive, nothing but gold you wear,
However, did you notice that for you no one seems to care?

A mound of pride, an ocean of greed,
it seems like money is all you need.

Your values are sold, your morals are gone,
the sun refuses to see you at dawn.

Your bank is full, your heart remains empty,
You become aloof and grow very cranky.

The more you buy the more you know,
that true enjoyment continues to disappear in the snow.

When you finally realized that true happiness could not be bought,
Your loved ones already drifted far away and could not again be caught.

You think that with money, to your friends you can go closer,
Have you ever heard that you can attract more bees with honey than vinegar?

You think that you’re rich, but you know that you’re broke,
You have no one to care for you, even though you died from a heart stroke.

Your life is gone, you are remembered no more,
Because you never helped others not even the poor.

You useless human being, your presence was a sting,
your love for others was as strong as an anvil attached to a string.

Money to you was worth more than all,
You suffered in life from this great fall.

Remember that money is essential to development.
However, the greed for it breaks all settlements.

With it only materials you can buy,
a car, a diamond ring, or maybe even some grain or rye.

A relationship, a friendship, love, and happiness can’t be bought,
because they never begin with money, only from the heart.

Isn’t it sad or maybe even funny?
To know the side effects of caring too much for money?

As sad as it is or as funny as it seems,
greed of money can bring only nightmares, not dreams.