The crop of ideas – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Many ideas crop up in my mind often!
All crops cannot be harvested then itself!
But it is fate I alone have to harvest all
For the world benefit and my satisfaction!

Basically a creative person by nature
I have managed a factory for long then
And am writing poetry full time now
Because of brain storm of ideas in life!

Though tossed about in different directions of sea
I still survive by the power of the Almighty;
Yet difficulties are there though my efforts are
Not collapsed by the corrosive jealousy of others!

The bitter feelings of others born of envy as well as
Suspicion burns my heart at the beginning itself!
Such a power of insight God has given me to feel
Instantly and beware of the evils of the society!

So, many a time I suppress to express ideas orally
But write only in verse to avoid frictions so that
The sense of freedom I feel then recoup my spirit
To go ahead unmindful of others’ blistering remarks!

I express ideas without any bias but some use them
As their shield to keep their opponents at bay
Who afraid of me unnecessarily wait and watch
All my usual activities with anxiety and expectation!