My Blemishes

a poem by Dr. Vijay

If brightest sun can have his black dark spots
If deep blue seas can have her high land dots
If ferocious lion can have his frequent fears
If triumphant spirit can have his few silent tears

If tall mountain range can have their valleys so deep
If brisk pouncing leopard can have his low creep
If the eternally busy bee can have his occasional rest
If elephant can have his muscle might put to test

If high gliding falcon can have his low moment
If English word can be have its syllable silent
If quietly prowling cat can have her noisy purr
If deep treading trout can have his own air

If tender neonate can have her own vivid dream
If lovely melodious number can have a sorrowful theme
If the vicious crocodile can have his own weakness
If menacing poisonous snake can have his kindness

If thundering squall can have his serene eye
If snow covered hill can have beneath his fire
If free floating clouds can have their head on collision
If parental passion and love can have its own mission

There can be ever widening lacunae in my sagacity
There can be explicit moments of my vivid audacity
There can be fluctuating instants in my arrogance
Only to totally cover up my all too frequent ignorance

I make it a point to conceal my entire weakness
Taking consolation from few of natures weakness
From the bottom of weakness arise the tower of strength
Hoping to wither my weakness to attain absolute strength.