Mind or Maze

a poem by Prashanth Sriram

Let me make a revelation.
On your flights of imagination
Into the depths of your mind,
Whatever you find,
Gives you a clue
Of your subconscious self.

What you’ve always wished for,
What you’ve always yearned for,
Are released with your creativity;
The mind is a jungle, a city,
You may not be sure of what you need
Until you explore that jungle of thought,
Clear the haze and solve the maze,
You need to know your own mind.

Before you perform an action,
If something causes trepidation,
And nags at the back of your head,
Perform that instead;
Follow your sixth sense,
Don’t dismiss it as nonsense.

The mind is an enigma.
(That’s an old dogma)
Explore it and follow it,
You never know what you’ll find