a poem by Abhimanyu Bishnu Dr.

Imagine you are happy once again
Like you long, long ago, used to be;
Imagine your troubles melted away
And your body and soul set forever free.
Imagine you are flying on the wings of the wind,
Fuelled by a childlike, imaginative mind;
Imagine you are again what you used to be-
Happy, loving, trusting and kind.
Imagine the melody of a far-away tune
Floating in the wind, dancing in the breeze;
Imagine the soft caress of the rippling winds
As they fly towards you, over land and seas.
Imagine you had love, and a lot of it to spare
For those who need it, whose needs are true;
Imagine all your dreams coming to life
And all your wishes coming true for you.
Imagine you have left this cruel world behind
And all your disappointments to their rightful place;
Imagine you have left the dark nights behind
And are looking forward to happy, sunny days…

This world may be rough, life may be tough,
But your imagination can set you free;
If you imagine your life to be beautiful again-
Remember, in your mind, it can always be.