Sweet Innocence

a poem by Asha Sunil

Tell me how I could live again
Those vibrant and colourful days
When my heart was light, my thoughts were free
When life seemed a miracle with so many things to see…
Tell me how I could feel again
The wonder as I peep through the window
The joy of sunshine, the moods of the wind
The music of rain and the mysteries of heaven…
Tell me how I could seek again
The simple pleasures that life had to offer
Sing-alongs and bed-time stories and family
And smile again when I’m dreaming…
Tell me how I could revel again
In being me and see no flaws
Love me, live my life and be happy
Tell me how I could be me again…
Tell me how I could hold you again
For without you I lost so many things
Those seem trivial but mean so much
Show me again the content and bliss…
Come back to me Sweet Innocence…