a poem by Samrajni Ganguly

That walk through the woods,
In the purple hours of the eve;
The footfall on the leaves,
Recalling those bygone years in brief.

When I walked in solitude,
Beside a rippling stream of reeds;
Leaving impressions on the soft terrain,
Enchanted by my dire needs.

When night split her orb-like garb,
In the trenchant rays of daylight.
Escaping from the realms of the dark,
I was still lamenting over the night.

To warm me in their soft embrace,
To burnish my dishevelled hair,
The green fields, now without their veils,
Came and drove away despair.

I felt the freedom of the birds…
Upon my revised mind;
I felt the passion of the winds-
And left the woods far behind.

I ran through the woods and shadow deeps…
The memories trailed after like a butterfly.
With my wings soaked in the wintry rain,
I knew that now life was my.

How enchanting memories are…
Remembrances of sweet refrain;
Caressing the happy moments,
And crying through misery again.

Its a return to the ways so long parted,
To lull me in a frosted night;
With those tears reclinging to my cheeks,
And those smiles reappearing so bright…

Too many close moments to cherish,
The feeling so close, yet so far…
“Me and my destiny will get there someday-
And this time it will be forever.”