Lost in Love

a poem by Gautam Dhar

He sits all alone from night till dawn
With his worn out clothes and a same old song
And you’ll find him there when the night’s long gone
Still lost in her love with no place to belong

So I asked him tonight why he’s so alone
With eyes so lost and as dry as a stone
Said, “so many things I wish I could say
But the world won’t stop when I’m gone away”

Lord the cold winds tonight bring his face to my mind
With his soul still lost in a love that was blind
But his heart so longs for what he’ll never find
He’s just an old man that the world left behind

So I asked him again of a time that he knew
When the days were warm and nights were too
Said, “so many worlds I wish I could see
But there’s just no place I’d rather be”

Now he sits all alone oh night and day
Still yearning for a love that’s gone away
And you’ll see him crying on a day so grey
Just lost in her love since she went away.