I will be here

a poem by Vijaynath

You should have bid Goodbye while leaving,
the sudden void draining the breath out of me;
You should have shown a sign of your plan, but
your unexpected departure crushed me out

We were together all the way till now, but
you never, even a hint, told me that you want
to move ahead, on your own, that too alone
but I would never, ever, have been a hurdle to you

You showed the dreams and you made me laugh
and you promised to be with me always and
guided, corrected and scolded me when I err
and I felt a new life and renewed vigour to move ahead

Your leftover memories, like fallen dry leaves
will be scattered around by the wind of time,
and the deep cuts and wounds you left
may also get healed in time

Let me wish you peace and happiness and
let me hope you keep smiling, lest you always
bear in mind that whenever you feel alone or down
I will be here, always, waiting for you.