Going Back

a poem by Gautam Dhar

Going back to those streets once again
Where she stood so soft waiting in the rain
Her touch so warm like the sun in the sky
When the day stood still as the world rolled by

All those things that we used to do
When the days seemed short and the nights were few
Lord was it oh so long ago
Back in the days when she loved me too

Going back to the same old creek late at night
My heart so longs to see her face so bright
Just by the oak where the waters still sing
Down by the hills I could hear a lone bell ring

Dreaming about the way she kissed me with her lips
Lord with her smile she could launch a thousand ships
Birds up above won’t you sing a song for me
When I’m sitting all alone by the wide-open sea

Going back again to the streets of long ago
I’ll be waiting in the rain for this heart to show
If I could feel her touch ‘fore it’s time to say goodbye
I would leave the world behind for life to pass me by.