Music of Poverty

a poem by Abraham Oommen

Night has spread a shroud on the day
Stars! a colourful wreath on the sky
Crickets mourn the death of daylight.
The mother sat at threshold of her hut
Children drew her to the hearth cold
Alien to fire and fume for a long time.
Hunger withstands no dry philosophy
It’s mellow melancholic string music
A verse full of grumbles and anguish
A churning chorus with a burning hum.
Cheering came from castles nearby
Old wine foaming out the goblet’s brim
Belching that follows a hearty meal full
Speech sounds rattles in drunken stupor
Gruesome snores lulled a slumber and
Music poured out as the humming sea
Sings a dirge on a dead shark, floating.
Mother watched the children sleeping
Bedewed with tears of melted sorrows
Famished children lurched in the sleep
Her sighs permeated music of poverty
Heavy heart drummed notes of throes!
Helplessness danced with her shadow
Huddled up she sat, a silhouette of fatigue.