Dream on…

a poem by Niveidya

Dream on, when the skies are dark, and the tide is high,
When the children cry, and the mighty die,
When God forsakes, and pain elevates,
Dream on, dream on, dream on… until you can’t Dream at all…
Dream on when the flowers wither, and the humane die.
Dream on when innocence is lost and compassion costs.
Dream on when evil beckons your soul, and when money ends up as thy main goal.
Dream on when all else fails, and dream on when devils hail.
Dream on when angels are tortured, and dream on when armageddon is a distant future.
Dream on when sinners are rewarded and when saints are sacrificed.
Dream on when deceit is in vogue, and dream on when loyalty becomes an old age thing
Dream on when the greedy are in control, and the needy are in despair.
Dream on when the future slips away from your hands, and when your eyes can’t contain its tears,
Dream on when you lose your hope,
Dream on when your sanity is lost,
Dream on, dream on, dream on until you can’t dream at all…
Dream on, dream on, dream on until your dream surpasses it all…