a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Tsunami came and gone,
leaving behind irreparable damages,
but a few marketing Tsunami and making money,
from the sufferings of fellow human being.

As drops make the ocean,
with complete cohesion and cooperation,
gain mighty strength as waves and Tsunami,
human being can also make an ocean of human beings,
with complete cohesion and cooperation by all.

Mahatma Gandhi said this applies to human beings,
and recent Tsunami strengthened my belief in it;
Let the Tsunami created by human ocean,
transform fellow human beings and universe alike,
leaving behind for generations after generations,
a universe of love, peace and compassion, worth living.

As Tsunami is gone and ocean is in peace and blue,
let Tsunami of human ocean transform all war mongers,
leaving behind a wonderful and colourful world of peace,
worth living for a full length of life,
and leaving behind for generations after generations,
a world all can be proud of.
Who will not love to live in this world?