Our beautiful beloved Earth – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Only beloved Earth in the whole Universe has bred us
All alive among many living beings so long and so forth!
Earth is the only place people live in the entire Universe!
Except here, human species are nowhere found in the Space!
This beautiful beloved Earth is really the paradise to live
And thank God for having created this paradise for pleasure!

It is a gift from God and what we do with it is ours to Him;
So, man and his planet have become important in the Universe
And how best the boon has to be preserved depends on his will.
Men and women wouldn’t have grown to the present proportion
Without the protection of atmosphere covering the whole Earth!
Indeed Nature, the instrument of God inspires and instructs all!

Human perfection from animal to divine is the plan of evolution;
Mind of man in communion with Nature this open secret is known;
Also, human progress is the plan of divine nature on the Earth.
Without knowing this it is a pity, man seems to destroy all now
After discovering fire, inventing wheel, agriculture and becoming
Also an artist, scientist, architect, litterateur and entrepreneur!

Discovered laws of Nature, classified elements and created industries;
Invented many machines and created computer too in the modern world!
But alas, making Atomic Bombs, man has led the world to the brink of doom!
Mist may move the mystic with the mood to muse over many matters!
But pollution has poisoned the environment exposing it to radiation and
Leading the world to destruction but not the creation of one humanity!