A Toddler’s Tears

a poem by Sathya N K

For many a dawn is what they yearn
But for me, it’s the pits to happen.
For many few a time in their lives they weep
But for me, the more I cry so I reap
For many the red light brings a halt
But for me it’s where everything does start
For many injuries are meant to be healed
But for me it’s something to be kept repeated
For many, life is a wonderful journey
But for me now it’s all about penny by penny
For many there is a father and a mother
But for me, it is always an unknown porter.
For many there is a shelter of own,
But for me, it’s the open sky with sun and rain
For many it is just a sight, seeing me whine
But for me, it is truly a heartfelt pain
For many a good rest awaits when the dusk falls
But for me all the salt in my tears stalls
For many a life is for living
But for me, its hell as I crave for leaving
For many there are ears and shoulders to lend
But for me it’s only you, oh my omnipotent.