When I think

a poem by Girish

People say I’m a horrible poet,
I intend to prove them wrong.
For my sweetheart on her birthday,
I dedicate this song.

When I think of You,
My mind’s in a daze,
You are one cute lovely little girl,
Who never ceases to amaze.

When I think of the way we met,
I seem to fall in love with the “internet”
Its hard to believe that it was just chance
That landed us up in this romance.

When I think of our early times,
Out friendship had begun to bloom across the miles,
Laughter and tears we had begun to share,
For each other we had all the time to spare.

When I think of the time we started talking,
Like two idiots giggling and gaggling,
But it was plenty of fun I must say,
Especially after a quarter of whiskey, hey!

When I think of all your e-mails.
Which I treasure than any other female’s
Your sweet, charming and caring words,
Shall remain in my heart for years and years.

And when I think of you- the person,
Never have I seen someone so close to perfection,
You seem so charming in your one way.
Never forget your sweetheart Okay?

When I think of our first kiss,
Which you are yet to describe- you naughty miss!
Innocent is the words that comes to mind,
Listen- take care of those luscious lips of mine.

When I think of what to write more,
I realize this poem has to end- what a bore!
So, might as well wish you all the best,
For this day, your life and every test.

As I try to think of what to more to say,
I’m speechless; I remember its the 29th of May,
So might as well wish you a happy birthday,
Remember I love you more than anyone ever may.