What do I do?

a poem by Asha Sunil

I’ve spent about an hour in front of the mirror
Hoping to catch your eyes this evening
And there you are standing as enchanting as ever
The sheer sweetness drugging my heart
I try to make you notice me- I’m doing all I can
Drawling, laughing, and making gestures
Talking to everyone but my mind set on you
Finally a glance and I jump at the chance
Are all guys so blind when it comes to this?
We talk, I can catch you saying something
Not exactly what I need to hear, but talk on
Though that voice of yours distracts me
Beyond the verge of my sanity
You speak of science and its mysteries
You show your expertise in philosophy
You may be wise in everything but this
Leaving me to fume at your stupidity
There are much more things in life
Many lovely things you fail to see-like
There is this girl who is crazy for you
A girl who has laid her heart open
A girl who is almost dying to let you know
That she is in the danger of falling in love with you
Well, must I venture a little more and say
“Hey that is me!”, to you?!!!