Weeping Candle of Love

a poem by Rinu M Varghese

Without a backward glance
you paced out of my life
And left I am with naught
but the candle of love
Spreading beauty and light
but, crying its way to death

Like a bouquet of roses, I had
carried the weeping candle
But failed I had to notice
my lovely roses were withering
My candle of life and love
was dying shedding waxy tears

Like a moth towards a fire
to its flame attracted I was
But young as I was, burned
I had in true and painful love
And winced I had in pain
so intense of a burnt heart

As my candle reaches its end
I am sure to go with it
For burnt so badly I was
to light another I’m scared
And steadily my mystical candle
paves its way towards my grave

You, Love, shall one day come seeking
and find me, by my unique tombstone
One of its kind, for it shall hold
that dead candle of love
The forgotten one you placed
long ago within my heart