Versions of Love

a poem by Ramesh T A

Boundless love goes beyond all the barriers of the world;
Intuitionally love consciousness sees truth consciousness;
The inward eye of love sees truth better than bright eyes;
And the faith of love never fails anyone in the world life!

At first sight or chat itself love begins between hearts;
Love, which is emotion, passion, is lasting human feeling;
Love, which is delicate, dangerous, is a delightful experience;
Love, which is blind, divine, is a long painful pleasure!

Like waning Moon, separated lovers pine for each other;
Like waxing Moon, when entwined together love rejuvenates;
Waxing or waning, hide and seek life lovers may live long;
But food of love, music flourishes love in the mean time!

Without seeing the Moon how can lily flower bloom?
Without seeing the Sun how can sunflower bloom bright?
Waxing and waning Moon always revolves round the Earth;
Face to face seeing, full Moon shines bright before the Earth!

Circumstance separates lovers but their song keeps love alive
And there will be songs to sing till they meet somewhere again!
Till then the past love days linger on in the minds of lovers; and
The memory of love days pulls on the days till they unite again!

Love for life, art and spirit man makes endeavours for fulfillment;
Love is devotion, dedicated desire and concentrated contemplation;
Mystical union of dance and music in love generates divine bliss;
Art and soul mingled in Nature make love life divine in the world!