Valentine Poems (Love Spiritual And Love Romantic)

a poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Valentine’s Day is Coming – I

Valentine’s Day is coming
Happy Valentine’s
Valentine’s Day

A day of love
Love it is
Hope it is

Valentine’s Day
Is coming

With love in the heart
Cheers in
I thinking about
Thinking about Valentine

St. Valentine
St. Valentine
How did he
How did he confide in love?

Love which is so affectionate
So full of sympathy and bonding
Love, love so sacred and holy
So full of emotion and feeling

St. Valentine
The altar of his
The altar with a candle burning

The candled burning
Burning and fighting with darkness
What it is dark in us
Dark outside

The altar
The altar of the saint
The Saint Divine
With the candle burning

An altar is it not
Is it not
But the heart it is
The heart placed on

The Temple
Temple of Love is it
The heart as the temple
The Temple of Love

Rose Day
Or Love Day
What should I
Rose Day or Love Day?

A day of roses
For the roses
A Rose Day
Roses on display

What is love?
How the feeling and emotion
Of love
What is love?

Love is but a feeling
Love is strong emotion
Held in confidence
Love is sacred, love sacrosanct

Love a thing of the heart
Love of the soul
Love emotions purer
Love feeling

To love is to love by heart
To love is to love by soul
To love by heart and soul
To love is to love without any selfishness

To be a lover is to be a true lover
Is to love by heart
By soul
Without any desire

But how many of us
Many of us true lovers
True lovers of heart and soul
How many of us?

The Temple of Heart
In the Temple of Heart
Lives it Valentine
St. Valentine

Those love it hurt it not
One’s feeling and emotion
Those love it
Give it not pains to

Love is sacred
Love is sacrosanct
Without any stain
Anything to blemish it

If you not, go and love you
Without any guile
Try to love one heartfully

Love is purity, love is innocence
Love is ignorance, love is simplicity
Love is chaste and purer
Love is meekness

Those who love hurt it not
Those who love inflict it not with pain
Those who love hurt it not
Those who love

My Lord, they know it not
What it is love
Feel it not
What it is love!

Love is a thing of the heart
Love is a thing of the soul
Love is spiritual
Love is sacred and sacrosanct

And the Lord said
Said it
Look, look you unto your heart
Your soul!

Look you, look you unto
Unto your self
Your self
To feel it, feel it!

Love you, love you my
By your heart
Love me, love me with
Your innocence which but I need you to!

Love me, love me with
With your purity
Purity of feelings
Love me, love me!

Where do you search me
I am
I am in your heart, in your soul?

Where do you, do you keep searching
Searching me
I am, I am in your heart
I am, I am in your soul?

Love is sacred
Sacred and sacrosanct
Love is sacred
Sacred and sacrosanct

Love is in purity
Purity of heart and feelings
Love is in guileless heart
Love in innocence and simplicity

I saw the Lord, saw the Lord
In the rose
The red rose
The dazzling red hue

I saw, saw the Lord
In the flowers
Fragrant and wild
So full of scent and its spray

I saw, saw the Lord
In the hamlet girls
Giving, giving wild blooms
I saw, saw

* * * * * * *

Valentine Poems – II

Where do you see me
See me
Where is it, is it
Valentine, St. Valentine?

I see you in the red rose
So lovely, so fragrant
So sweetly-hued

I see you, see you, my love
My love in the flowers blooming
Hanging by
Hanging by, my love!

I see him, see him
In the flowers, flowers
Made of joy, pure joy
Fancy and imagination

I see you, see you, my love
In the red lotus
The red lotus blooming
In the pond

I see you, see you, my Lord
In the jaruls hanging by
Hanging by the roadside
The purple blue jaruls

I see you, see you, my Lord
In the Kachanars
The Kachanars fragrant and purple-hued
Looking so charming, so lovely

I see, see you, my love
In the golden chains
The golden chains
Bedecking the forest landscape

I see you, see you, my lord
In the clusters of florid orange palash blooms
Decorating the hilly landscape
Of rocks, stones and trees

I see you, see you, my Lord
In the bulging simul blooms
So leafless the tree is
During the spring season

The Garden of Love so full of
Dahlias, chrysanthemums, calendulas
Petunias, zinnias, lilies
Poppies, yellow bells

I see you, see you, my love
Golden champaks, Malatis
Kewadas, Bellis, Rajanigandhas
Gandharajas, Kaminis

I see you, see you, my love
In the Kamini plant flowering
A plant full of blooms
Scattering around

I see you, see you, love
In the Seuli blooms
Yellow-tipped and tinged
Tiny Seuli blooms so scented and dreamy

Catching our fancy and imagination
Dream and imagery
So fragrant, so lovely
And charming to look at

I see you, see you, my love
In the Cchatim blossoms
The Cchatim blooms
So flowery and heavily scented

I see you, see you, my love
In the tiny wild belli blooms
Of the belli creeper plant
And the scent of exotic jasmine writ large

I see you, see you
In the red oleanders
White oleanders
Blooming by the pond side

How do the Sandhyamanis bloom at eve
And keep along the night
And fade during the morning time
Yellow, purple and red Sandhyamanis?

A field of mustard blooms
Golden yellow blooms
Decorating the landscape,
A field full of golden yellow blooms

The yellow sunflowers with the discs
Standing in the direction of the sun
Singing in praise of Sun-god
How the scene, the picture!

The lilies light blue and pink red
White into the waters
Take us to a different state
Of delving

The red hibiscus flowers
Just like red vermillion
How the fast colour
How is it loveliness!

The rosy balsams
How to take to,
How to describe it?

I see you, see you in the cannas lilies
Cannas lilies
Yellow, red, orange
Looking strange

The kenaf blooms
So lovely
Dotting the field
Looking charming and red

I see you, see you, my love
In the red gulmohurs
Hanging by in clusters
So ornate and charming to look at

* * * * * * *

What Is Love? – III

What is love?
Love is feeling
Sympathy and bonding

Love is affectionate bonding
Love is a thing hearty
Love is of the soul
Who loves it the heart and the soul
Say you?

A lover of the heart
A lover of the soul
You will not find it
A lover of the heart
We all lovers of the body

I see love in the daughters
Small-small daughters
Going to village school
With the knapsack to sit upon
And lime pencils and slates

I see the labour girls
Going to labour schools
Guileless, simple girls
So warm and affectionate

The dark daughters
Smiling in the sun-burnt hamlets
Of the country
Bearing the brunt of heat and dust

Love has many shades
Many shreds
Love is not love if full of guile
If not full of simplicity

Love is a thing of the simple heart
Love is to feel the warmth
The joy of living
Is to feel the happiness of life
Love is life

Love for family
For the nation
Love for things and men and the world
How to express the shreds of thought?

Love for the mother
For the sister
For the father, the brother
Love for family
Love is life
And if they are happy, only then I am happy

To love one is not to hurt anybody
To love is not to inflict pain upon
To love is to love truly
Is to be with in pain and pleasure alike
To love is to share joys and sorrows

* * * * * * *

Will You Be Valentine? – IV

Will you be
Will you be my Valentine
My Valentine

Will you
Will you be my Valentine
My darling
Will you
Will you be

The 14th of February is coming
The 14th of
The Day of Love
The Day of Roses
Is coming, coming

* * * * * * *

Love-letter – V

Love-letters written in red ink
Love-letters in red ink
I am sending

My dear Love
You do not know
How much
Do I love you
Love you?

Since I have seen
Seen you
I have not
I have not
My darling
I have not, have not!

Since I have
I have, darling
I have, darling
I have not, have not
My love, my love!

I dream
Dream of you
I dream
Dream of you
I, I of you

My love, my love
Loving you
Have I
Have I forgotten it all

Giving my heart

My heart to you
To you, my love
Giving, giving my heart
My heart to you

I love you, love you
I love you, love you, darling
I love you, love you, darling
My darling!

Say, do you love me
Love me
I love you, love you
Say, say, do you love me
Love me?

* * * * * * *

On The Eve of Valentine’s Day – VI

I am thankful
Thankful to you
For the proposal you accepted
You accepted to be my Valentine

Thank you
Thank you for accepting
Accepting it
Together we shall
We shall celebrate it

Together with we shall go
Shall go to the shrine
The shrine of Valentine
And shall, shall place
A bouquet
A bouquet of red roses

We shall, shall light a candle
A candle at the altar
The Altar of Love
The altar of St. Valentine

A surprise for you
For you, my love
A red rose
A red rose for you
You close the eyes
And a sweet kiss on the cheeks
The cheeks of yours

So affectionate, so emotional
So impassioned and passionate one
With, I love you, I love you
So much, so much
Which but you don’t, don’t know

Thereafter after sought for the blessing
Blessings from the Lord
The Lord of Love
We shall, shall do the gossips
The gossips of love

Under the stars
Stars twinkling, twinkling
We shall holding hand in hand
Shall go the path as thus happily
The path of life
As promise we

Thinking of
Thinking of making a home
A home
So full of happiness and peace
And we passing our days happily
Unmindful of what ails in time

A lover’s heart only a lover can feel it
A lover’s heart
A lover’s world only a lover can
Know it
What it in his mind and heart