Touch of Love

a poem by Debashish Mahapatra

Quite soothing is your southern tone, which strokes my dreams when sound asleep.
Into my fantasies you’ve flown, and through my soul you softly creep.
You guide my spirit to a height, where ecstasy awaits our call.
You’ll stay with me ’til morning’s light, and with seducing words we fall.
I’m bathed within your velvet kiss, as fingers glide over hills of silk.
Our essence flows from joy’s abyss, with flavor sweet as honeyed milk.
We ride the waves of pleasure’s sea, enticing thrills from rapture’s cove.
Engaging deep, we’ve found the key, to this delight-filled treasure-trove.
You delve into my rich dessert, and gorge yourself on luscious treats.
With perfect meter we assert, two souls can join as love completes.
Now dawn is breaking in the east, as night is never here to stay.
So from my thoughts you’re now released, until in dreams again we play.