To Sonu… My Love

a poem by Rahul Nachhiketa

What I gift you, this day I think?
Roses… some white, some yellow, some pink!
But what can beat my little heart ‘red’,
Which yearned to meet you long since!
I bring myself to you this night,
With some invaluable dreams burning bright!
Like the mellowed candle burns, so burns my eyes,
With a wish very simple, ‘you shall always stand beside,’

Behold O forgetful lass, with a velvet voice,
The roses I bring, of the poet’s choice.
Every petal a silk, like the word you speak,
And vibrant like thee are the yellow, the white, the pink

Yes! I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish,
Beyond the borders of the mind, you just can’t think!
So just feel and feel and feel!
I just can’t pen everything!
Read between the lines! something unsaid
And walk carefully… the path you tread!
I laid some dreams across your way
Listen it, with your eyes, something they say!
‘tis all I have brought tonight,
Some roses, some dreams, some smiles
Together we can walk, life endless miles!
And paint the canvas with yellow, pink, red and white
A beautiful portrait of eternal life!!