a poem by Patrick Healey

You ask me why,
You ask me how.
If I knew,
I’d tell you now.
I know what I feel,
I know it’s true.
Everything I do,
I do for you.

I don’t like the way you treat me,
But it’s ok.
Because I know you’re mine,
And it’s gonna stay that way.
I know you love me,
I love you too.
But all these feelings,
Make it hard to know what to do.

We get mad,
We even yell.
But in the end,
It’s just as well.
We say sorry,
And move on.
Then one day,
It’ll all be gone.

We’ll be in heaven,
Side by side.
We’ll look back,
But we won’t mind.
Because we’re with Jesus,
For all time.