Thorn Bird

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

Thorn bird sings when it pricks by thorns
Soul weeps silently when the heart is torn
Love is not a decision your brain makes
Love is a feeling which your heart experiences

Your love transported me to another world
Your love sparkles in my heart like burning ember
When the cloud parts it’s your face I see
When the flowers bloom it’s your voice I hear

Bee searches for honey, River searches for sea
Lotus searches for sun, My soul searches for you
Ignorant hopes sting me along
Tears is the comfort that crying bring

I light the lamp of love in my heart
But it smothered by darkness of night
I try to calm my longing heart
But it won’t heed words of comfort

My love is like the melody
You sweetly played in tune
My false love stole my rose
And left the thorn with me to bruise!