The Sweetest You

a poem by Deepa Dash

I don’t want you to be a doctor,
I don’t want you to be a engineer,
No need of being a scientist,
Neither a lecturer not an artist.

I don’t want you to exert,
For in your field, You are an expert.
As so easily you stole my heart,
I don’t know when did it start.

I like you, what you are,
So, no need to go so far.
Just make a promise far future,
To trap me forever in the enclosed.

Your encloser means in your arms,
I swear I can never forget it’s charm.
In you heart, I wanna be caught,
For which I wanna be in your dreams and swim in your thoughts.

We are, were and always be friends,
Till in the earth life sustains.
May God almighty shower his blessings,
For us to be together forever and ever…