The Rain

a poem by Ayush Verma

I heard a familiar sound
As my heart skipped a beat
Was it your voice?
No, it was the sound of dripping water as it traveled through the leaves
It was the rain

I smelled a fragrance
That brought back memories, tears of joy
Was it the smell of your hair?
No, it was the scent of the wet earth
It was the rain

I left everything and came in the balcony to see
Was it you waiting for me there?
No, it was the pearl droplets which brought me there
It was the rain

I saw something so mesmerizing
Was it your smile?
No, it was the rainbow that was hiding behind the coal clouds
It was the rain

I saw the sprinkles from heaven as they came down to earth
Was it my love for you?
Was my love the rain and you the earth?
Yes, it was my love
My love that reminds me everyday every moment of you
My love only that makes me sad
Not the rain
Not the rain