a poem by Sidharth Kumar

All times I spent with you so beautiful
Cherish them each time I turn nostalgic
Walking down the streets holding hands together sometimes in shade, sometimes in sun
Humanity watching us closely each time we walked by them
Every path we took turned dead leaves alive
When you felt the cool breeze, I was the first one besides you to protect with my jacket
And take the warmth from you
Sipping cappuccino at a coffee-bar close by
And biting grilled club sandwich you liked the most
Constantly gazing in your smoky eyes making you feel conscious
Would make you ask me questions for which I had no answers
I just knew I loved you
There is always something wonderful about you
That can make me weak and fall
You came as the biggest hope in my life
The director in me wanting to cast you in every role of my life
And I persuading you to be my wife
God sent you to fill the gap in me
Have never felt like a complete man since then
No one around was so powerful than your love
It took me completely within
Now you are saying you have to go leaving me behind
How can you do so?
Killing past moments is painful for me, you don’t realise this
I can forget myself but not you
Before leaving, let my soul play with your shadow
I’ll keep it as a souvenir
Reminding generations about the girl I still love, about the girl I am still waiting for!