Snakes and Ladder

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

The fresh wound of my heart,
Bleed, weep and smell bad;
The smile and the calm of your face,
The same possession, now lost, I once had

The game of snakes and ladder you played,
First you let me rise;
With so much love and trust,
Like a ladder en route paradise.

Then you stung me,
Like a cobra in disguise;
Venom of hatred you injected in me,
I became a victim, of your game of lies.

Perhaps now I look lost and fallen,
But this is just the first round;
I will make a comeback,
Before you forget my sight and sound.

I will go so up and beyond,
You shall wish I had taken you along;
I will spread so much love and melody,
You shall wish you too could have sung the duet song.