Rain drops

a poem by Hema Rangaswamy

Rain drops slither down roof tops
sprinkling water drops all over me
I open my umbrella and venture outside
a shuffle distracts my attention
my fleeting eyes rest on a pair of
smouldering eyes like black diamonds
waves of magnetism shroud the air
the guy held out a hand for umbrella
I sway waveringly – my poise altered
I hand over the umbrella to him
our hands touched a slow fire cruised
down my veins and set fire works ablaze
we walked in unison with rain as the sole mate
time stood still and every step was a memory
all we remembered were snide looks
sneaked through wet lashes and
some occasional brush of hands

A beautiful house loomed ahead
distracted ,I move away from his restraint
I stopped and looked at him
he took his hand inside his coat
handed me a solitary rose shining with dew
my heart rose in a rush of euphoria
my smile made him off guard and he grinned
slipped a ring on to my finger
I went with him – the man of my future