My love for you, forever

a poem by Pushpendra Chouhan

Before I see you in Real, I want to see you in my imagination
Before I meet you first time, I want to talk to you like fall in love
Before I say to love you, I want to understand you
Before I say to marry to you, I want to love you like anything
Before I feel to hold your hand, I want to deep dive in the sea of your eyes
Before I feel to hug you, I want the feel of goosebumps to hold your hand
Before I feel to tie a knot with you, I want to assure you we are made for each other
Before the first kiss on your lips, I want to kiss on your forehead
Before to bind you in any responsibility, I want to see you like a free bird
Before you feel you are tired, I want to be there to make you relaxed
Before you think you are alone even for a sec, I will always be beside you, not behind you
Before you leave my hand and say to good bye to me forever, I want you take my soul away

The love will remain like forever, as I am in you and you are in me