My Love for Baloo

a poem by Padmini

The Baloo who befriended me the other day is gone,
He was so hefty and really witty,
He showed me how to cheer all the way along,
His great brown eyes, his deep bass voice.
Ha! so lovely it was, chirpy I became.
For along he came and made my life throng.
He danced to a tune and laughed at me like a song.
Ho, baloo dear, let’s wriggle and jiggle,
and dance, jazz and rock, I said.
He shook his head and chuckled and sure,
he said, why not, I bear dance and all,
I am adept in that, sure you are one,
Forever they will be none like us.
For we are together, as friends we cheer.
We will hear till life ends, oh dear, he said.
But now that song is nowhere along,
or any such cheer, because he is dead and gone.
only endless tears will follow my dear,
for a friend so dear,
till I am also dead and gone.