Love- The Inside Story

a poem by Prashanth

Love is not why I would die for you.
Love is not why you would forget everything else for me.
Love is not why thorns in my heart feel like tender blossoms.
Love is not why you think nothing else matters.
Love is not why I adore your body.
Love does not exist when you plan to mould me.
Love is not because society accepts us.
Love does not mean no more nights alone,
Love does not hope that my wishes become your dreams.
Love does not mean the moon and stars visit us everyday.
Love never says ‘no more sighs or tears’.
Love can’t guarantee implicit trust forever.
Love just means no matter what,
We promise to never give up, never feel alone,
Never to feel betrayed, never to expect being said thanks,
Never to pray to have our tears wiped or be told sorry.
Love just says the hands, that are together today,
Promise each other to never let go no matter what.