Love not a beast

a poem by Rajendran M

I don’t want your love no more you foolish beast,
Maximising your mini-grammar, in ways
Which feed the watchful eyes with a feast
And make your sex as philandering fays.

Oh, the frail fair monster breaks my heart
And her smiles chase me like fiery hounds
To take the peace from my mind apart
And stop it’s flight above the human bounds!

Smiles fake and words sweet you’ve in lot;
But lack much you ought to have in thy fettle.
“O God! Enliven my heart from the rot
And give to my self a fine fettle”.

Lachrymose the petite seems while singing songs
And moves the strong minds with her tears, the keys
Lures those weak with her looks, the prongs
And make them sick to lie under the trees.

You flapped your wings into the place so dense
And made me awake grievous all through the night.
You shameless bird unwisely crossed the fence
And fell off alas, before the mates you devil.