Love Light

a poem by Sreenivasa Murthy K G

Lovers carve a secluded hamlet
A separate paradise within the world
Quite contrast to it is the universe of love
That has no caste, creed, religion or boundaries

Love is something that is excellent
Entirely divine and unmatchable
Extremely sacred and invaluable
Most humane, memorable and eternal

Love is beautiful, supreme and extraordinary
It is whole of peace, affection and happiness
A great strength, fondness and delightfulness
A clean blend of warm feelings unexplained

Love is one thing that is really great
An aspect of indomitable energy
A concept of indubitable mutual trust
Most powerful magnet of indeterminable gravity

Love can simply do miracles
It can build and cement complete relationship
A symbol of sacrifice and a ladder for attainment
Conqueror of the world and places one wants to be

Love is positive and constructive
Highly productive and creative
Most convincing and communicative
A breed of virgin and innovative

Love is deeper than ocean
Love is purer than water
The only message to the heart
That can climb and reach the mind

Light is indispensible to the living beings
Love is more so to the mankind
Light of the life that keeps healthy and balanced
That lights inspiration, imagination, transformation

Tolerance and patience are the gifts of love
Possessiveness and completeness being credentials
Even chill of silence is in the grasp of love
Depression and ill will have no place in love

Love is said to be blind and mad
A fever that lacks analysis and reasoning
That makes one miss facts of reality
To me these are simply misconceptions

Experience of love that people tend to vow
Like different colours of a beautiful rainbow
All blending to form pure white real feel of love
So sensitive, sharp is the effect of love-light