a poem by Christuraj Alex

Healing of internal wound
Inflicted by fear, anger, disgust,
Sadness, rage, loneliness,
Melancholy, annoyance –with
Just a smile meaning, its okay…

Whispering into ears of every being-
That include within its sphere
All living as well as nonliving creatures–
Intending to fill them with graces of
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
Goodness, gentleness, faith, modesty, continence…

Loving every being with fullness of heart
Expressing the heart-related feelings of
Care, appreciation, and constant compassion
Leading them into eternal unity…

Cultivating inspiration involving
Characters of courage, empathy,
Appreciation, possibilities, capabilities
Progressiveness and transformations…

Offering every being into
The hands of God, the Creator,
Protector and safe-keeper and thus
Inculcating righteousness, becoming
Faultless, accepting and understanding
Every other being, offering them the ‘aura’
Of our God and Lord and Master…

Being passionate towards the progress
And development of the single as well as
Communitarian aspects of existence
Cooperating in the creative work of God…

Accepting the world our home as well as
Considering our own homes as universal home
As the Indian philosophy brings in the
Quality of ‘Vasudhivakutumbagam’ meaning
The whole world is a single family of all…

Having courage and acting positively
Even if we undergo implicit as well as
Explicit fears, facing them, addressing,
Addressing them, and replacing them with
God’s strength and human untidiness…

Reflecting the very love of God by
Realizing our own very self by
Stopping, looking back into our
Regular and day-to-day life, listening
To the inner voice of the Spirit and thus
Reorienting the life of ourselves and others…

Love, ultimately, is everything. Of course,
There’s no simple definition of love.
One could only say by doing or do by
Saying as Jesus our Master himself did.