Laissez Fairre

a poem by Rohit Verma

At last the curtain is brought
The drama ends-
Without the intended ending
Not good enough to stay in the memory of the audience-
Except the two thespians
Analyzing science
Discovering what not professed-
Too maverick to be in love
Machiavellian ‘Time’ masqueraded as heavenly shower
Feinted for three years
Before hatching the deceitful parting
Don’t be mawkish-
I told myself
Don’t trudge
Mellifluous relationship was factitious
She too fastidious
And your fealty too small to sink in your Trojan ego
Laconic expression not enough to
Enrich the Spartan love
Phoenix- what seemed once
Died a stygian death
Nothing between poles is mortal
Unsung burial left behind soft earth
Whose Achilles heel is it?-
Remains to be seen!!