It’s only love that I have to give you

a poem by Saima Afreen

Half dreaming half awaken
With a smile playing on my lips
I lie on the hands of the dark night
Beholding millions of stars that glitter only for me
And the thin sickle of the moon trying to adorn my hair
Moves and sails alone in the vast sky
The mildness of the cool breeze
Brings your fragrance and warmth
To me
Pouring that inside my heart I feel the softness
Of your lips on mine
I cry silently not with pain
But with that soft purity of your love that I never knew before
That gave me vision to see your face in everything
And made me feel your love running in my veins
I wish I could
Pluck stars for you
Bring the silver moon for you
Gather the aroma of roses of the whole world for you
And taking all these
Decorated with touches of my heart
Present ’em to you
But fragile are all these
Stars will fall
The moon will fade
The aroma will evaporate
I wish I had not one life but millions
To kiss you softly, to caress you gently
But my life will also vanish in the sands of Time
It’s only love that I’ve to give you
That’ll never fade
I which are safe my breath, my smile, my life
And all that I have
Only for you
That shall remain till eternity
Even when stars glitter no more
Even when the moon shines no more