a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

In a way I was too old to fall in love with you
in that erotic way
could think of little else than
make love to you a hundred different ways
then sleep under the cover of your love
the desire was so strong
that I had no control
and in the kernel of my lust
I sensed doom
the late summer couldn’t last
the falling and browning of leaves so very near.
Then you wanted to talk to me about another friend,
thought I was the only one how naïve of me,
everything turned sordid
I could smell his sweat on you body
and to think that he had done to you
those things I thought were our secret.
Blinded by sexual infatuation
I had been sleeping in a pigsty
now I could smell it
and love turned into disgust
when I got up and left you
turned nasty shouted words
that was meant to hurt my manly pride
but all I could think of was that I needed a shower.