a poem by Vijaynath

If you hear a humming in your solitude,
through the silence

A feather touch in the nape of your mind
which tickles your heart

If, you could not forget something and
remember that too, which is sweet

If you are woken up by a melodious call
which you cannot recall

If you feel that flowers around you are more
colourful and bloom more radiantly than ever

And the breeze spread around the fragrance
with abundant enthusiasm

If you are looking forward to someone
you know will not come

And your days become longer and
night shorter

If the tick of the rain drops reminds you
of a mesmerising rhythm

If you want to dance in the rain when the
sweet fragrance of wet soil take you to a new world

If you smile often and cheer up without any reason
and a sweet melody dance around your lips…

Then you are in Love !