I Will Not

a poem by Arun Agarwal - 2

I will not say that you are my Life
as life has to came to an end
but my Love for you is Endless, Immortal and Forever.

I will not say, I will Die for You
I will say I will Live for You
as I want to make you Happy and feel you Cheer.

I will not say I will bring Moon for You
I will not say I Will Bring Stars for You
as they are Virtual and Impossible
but my Love for You is Real
I don’t wanna my Love to be Impossible.

I will not Promise you
as Promise are Often brooked,
but my Love for You is Unbreakable
It is a tie of LifeTime Bonding.

I will not say, I will not Hurt you
as it is Life, and it has Uncertainties with it
but I can say I will be there to Heal your every Wounds.

I will not say, that I will not Change
as Change is the Law of Nature, every body Changes
with passage of time, So we will also have some Changes
but I can say I will remain same as it is for You.

I will not say that, we will not Depart
as One may have to Depart as Life takes them
but I can say we will meet again
My Love for you is not only being with You
but also when you are Apart from me.

I will not say that I will keep you always Happy
As Life is a bed of Roses and Thorn
You may sometime, have to bear pains with me
But I can say. I will try to take away your every pain
To make you happy, to keep you happy.

I will not say that we will not Fight
As we are two different personality
it may happen sometime,
but I can say, I will stand by you
when you will be fighting the World.

I will not say that I will Fulfill your every Desires, your every Wish
As I am Human being, and humans have limited resources
but I can say, I will Sacrifice my all pleasure, my every desire
my wishes for you.
I will Smile irrespective of how much Painful it may be for me
To bring Smile on your face to make you Cheer.

I will not say that I will be always with you
As one have to make ones own path, one have to walk by own
But I can say I will walk by you till life will permit me
I will Shoulder you till I will have life.

I will not say, we will Look into each other’s eyes
As for me Love is not looking at each other
but gazing together outward in same direction
I will say we will look toward our life, our future Ourselves.

Let Love be love only,
I will not give name to our Love
If you name Love it becomes relationship
And relationship restricts Love
But I don’t wanna restrict my Love for you.

I will not say “I Love You“
I have Loved You, I am Loving You
I will just LOVE YOU.