a poem by Pramila Toppo V

To all others he is just another guy,
But to me he’s someone who’s made my imaginations sore high.
When I look at his face,
I just keep falling into a daze.
His dizzying eye,
To which I could never say a bye.
A touch of His lips that I crave,
Would be like the thousandth wave.
His voice so deep,
Into my soul it does seep.
His hair!
And a smile that he would always wear.

He drives me crazy.
Describing him!!! That’s not so easy.
For he has a beautiful heart,
That’s not in the dark, a dart.
His attitude-
Which helps me even in my solitude.
To join the forces, it’s his aim in life
But all I want to be is his wife.
He wants to be an officer and a gentleman.
But to me he is and would always be my kinda man.